Soccer Mom

“I’M A SOCCER MOM” yup, totally me.  I grew being a cheerleader, not exactly athletic.  My husband tosses the keys to my children instead of me.  Multitasking is not exactly my thing, so I am sure you can imagine what I look like shooting a basket or dribbling a soccer ball.  I can run very fast and I can jump, tumble and squat.  So, I can assure when daughter came to me and said, “I wanna play soccer” I was excited because socially I think it would be great for her. She is often timid, and I love that she made this choice.  Then I went FREAK MOM MODE, “omgsh I know nothing about soccer” !! I was a nervous wreck, trying not to let her know.

Last season, was alot of learning.  I mean I know which goal is ours, so I can’t say I totally didn’t know nothing.  But yeah, that was all.  And to top it off all the girls on her U9 Youth Team have been playing for years, their parents probably played and they all have mad skills I’m sure.  The fall season went great, she learned a lot from her coaches, she shed some tears, won some games lost some games and got play time.  Fast forward to spring, I’m officially addicted to watching her play.  I love seeing her run, kick the ball, smile, giggle, laugh, all of it.  Her heart, her drive, and all that ambition she has to be the best she can be.  Our mentality with everything is never quit and give it everything you’ve got, at the end of the day you can never be disappointed if you have succeeded in doing your best.

OH MY GAWSH the BEST PART – SHE SCORED HER FIRST GOAL.  I don’t know who was more excited, Maddie, her Dad or me.  It was so cool, so rewarding.  I’m officially a Soccer Mom!! I am excited for this journey, I am excited she has found something she loves, even more excited she gets to teach me.


My Masterpiece

Well, here it is.  My first official blog, other than my “about me” page.  Which I don’t really consider this my first blog.  I feel like I have been plastering, my kids, fitness, and love for food all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram for years.  Well, now I am going to blend it all together. Giving you, in a nut shell, my blended life in a blog.  I’ll talk fitness, day to day stresses, sprinkle some fitness dust, and of course share recipes of all the awesome food we love, while driving across town from one business to the other, soccer to gymnastics, and managing to do it all with a smile.  It’s impossible to not smile when these two are your masterpieces.17632094_10213047298876430_7682528819237153173_o