Hi!! I’m Crystal and I am super excited you are visiting my blog. I am a wife to a great husband and Mommy to two amazing little girls, the rest is merely details.  My journey into the fitness industry started following a long career of competitive sport.  My husband and I were both collegiate athletes after graduating we wanted more.  When the girls were young we ran 5ks, 10k and Half Marathons, dabbled in Triathlons and then stumbled on CrossFit.  We wanted more in life, more for ourselves and more for the girls. We want to achieve and grow, competition does exactly that. It pushes you to do better. Take away competition, you take away your drive and your motivation. I wanted to find something new to focus on away from the banality of my day job, and hopefully gain a new found vigor – plus get rid of the ol’ ‘poochy bits’ along the way.

Learning that I could make real changes to my body through hard work, sweat and consistency taught me a huge lesson. One that I want share with the world. I can make things HAPPEN! Exercise offers us empowerment, a feeling that can translate across all areas of our lives. No longer was exercise just a means to an end, it is a lifestyle. It’s about sustained health, longevity and being the best that I could ‘personally’ be, in both body and mind.

Little did I know that my blended life of Mom, wife, business owner, trainer, CrossFit affiliate owner, and free lance boot camp entrepreneur could be so rewarding.  To my children, they can see if you put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing it will put you on a path for greater things in life.

So that’s what I’m about. Utilizing my own real life experiences to work with people who want to be healthy, strong and confident, meeting goals while juggling it all.