My Favorite survivor is My Mother.


Here we are 6 years to later…. Celebrating one incredibly AMAZING WOMAN. She was initially diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma with less than a 10% chance to survive the year back in 2012. I will never forget the day she told me the prognosis, I felt like I couldn’t breathe everything around me started shrinking.. my mother, my best friend. I sat on the computer doing everything they tell you not to do, bouncing from article to article, reading prognosis after prognosis, looking for something positive, something good that could help me, help her, and news flash – big mistake. You will never find that article, because it’s NOT YOUR STORY!! From that moment the focus shifted to reality.

I will never forget the strength that she had throughout it all. I watched her go through a month of daily high dose chemo, and then 11 months of administering her own shots, every other day, for a year, she would take these while at work, during lunch 3 days a week, she would wake up and come to bootcamp, run 5ks, 10ks and 1/2 marathons and ride her bike. She was determined, nothing would hold her down. When people say a positive attitude goes a long way and they are not kidding.

My Mom was extremely persistent with me in getting a few moles checked, one night I was itching my leg, and as soon as I looked, it was the mole she persisted on. A few days later, I too was diagnosed with Melanoma. She told me her diagnosis, more than likely saved my life. I might be overbearing, I might be annoying, but you will never see me in a tanning bed, you will never see me without sunscreen, or lubing up my children and every gym member on days when we are outside, I will take shade breaks, I will take my Vitamin D supplements, and I will relentlessly yell at you for tanning, or even thinking about tanning.

Everyday is special, but today is extra special, because today is the 5 year mark. TODAY, MY MOM IS A SURVIVOR, today she is Cancer Free. The battle is never over, there will always be scans, there will always be check ups, we will forever be vigilant. We will forever, spread awareness, and I hope you get your skin checks, I hope you know the dangers, and I hope that you don’t let the fear keep you away from getting checked. Take a minute to look at your skin, you’re worth it!!!!!!

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