Meet Jordi

Hope you all saw the wrap up of the Granite Games 2017 – It was pretty amazing.  I had the best teammates a girl could ask for, and we had an awesome time.

REWIND: One week before the Granite Games Jordan found a lump in her breast. Scary to say the least, but proactive and vigilant is what she is.  I can only imagine where her mind was this entire time.  She made the Dr’s Appt for when we got back to have it removed and tested, the results followed a few weeks later.  It was confirmed at 22 years young, Jordan had cancer,  Stage 1 Ductal Carcinoma. By November 13-15th Jordan had 3 surgeries to remove the cancer, including double mastectomy and breast augmentation. On her road to recovery she had a couple ups and downs, I shouldn’t even use the word “downs” in this sentence, because NOTHING held her down.

My husband and I knew that we have an amazing community and we could rally the support for Jordan. So, we did just that and the outpouring of volunteers, athletes, vendors, and the donations for the auction were utterly AMAZING.  We had over 100+ teams sign up.  Check out how awesome the day was here: Jordan’s Journey – Event

Shortly after Jordan started Chemotherapy and on March 16th, she completed Chemo and rang that bell.  During all of this she never gave up.  We made a goal that upon completion we were going to do a competition.  CrossFit 740 hosted a Barbell for Boobs event and that was the goal. It was awesome, not only did she complete her goal, she PR’d her clean at 220#.

TODAY: Jordan is done with Chemo.  I would say she is getting back in her groove, but she never lost her groove, she never skipped a beat.  Even on the days she didn’t want to and she made herself show up.  She is such an inspiration and so many admire her dedication.

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