Granite Games 2017

Here is the wrap up – WOW!!! What a whirlwind. Very surreal to have the opportunity to feel like an Athlete again. Being down there on the floor with some amazing athletes and actually being in the mix in ability is great feeling.
As a team we were incredible. We worked well together and had the most amazing time. We encouraged, we cheered, we gasped for air and we pushed one another. We competed as one, as a true team would. There were tough WODS and ones we knew we could dominate. We all had our weaknesses and we all pushed through.
We ended up finishing 17th out of 30 in the PRO WOMENS TEAM OF 3. The best part about the competition is you never know how much you have to give until you cannot give anymore. When you are on a team, you push for the team.
My daughter is a HUGE fan of Brooke Wells, she thought it was pretty cool we were actually all on the floor together.
Our guys Team from LRCF were beyond amazing. They topped the leaderboard the entire weekend. They swept the Intermediate Division and took first place. I couldn’t be more proud


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