Truly an Inspiration

This is my WHY!? 

The early FIVE O’ CRAZY clock. My reason to not hit snooze, my reason to wake up with a smile. Its the moments like this that my heart explodes with happiness. ❤️❤️ 

 I am in absolute “AWE” of this woman

She is a true success story and I am personally along with many others at the gym inspired by her daily.  I can remember her first day. It was Teacher Appreciation week, and she dove in. I can remember when running was extremely difficult, burpees started with a box, boxjumps were are 45# plate and she stepped, sliders were a goal, hanging from rig was something I would get an evil eye for. Today she runs for fun, TODAY she ran her her first mile without stopping and completed it in 12:41.  Every single Sunday after open gym her husband and their dog hit the trails, that after they do a workout together. She puts in extra work, she jumps on that box, she hangs on the rig, sliders are a thing of the past as that goal has been smashed, burpees although she hates them, she crushes them.  This October Cherie will be 51, and she and her husband are just getting started on this amazing adventure. (He’s equally awesome and loves CrossFit and Bootcamp too, if he tells you otherwise he is a liar)

 I often hear “I am too old to start”. “Let me get in shape first”, No, please erase that from your vocab, you are NEVER too old, or too out of shape to jumpstart your health, ask Cherie she will tell you. It’s a motto to live by 

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

She is such a great role model to those who are looking to change, you have one life and you deserve to feel and look great!!! Let her inspire you as much as she inspires me, you can make a change. 


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