Detoxing from Sugar.

Hi …. here I am… Still plugging along SUGAR-FREE over here, yup, 8 days in. Saving my green apples that I enjoy with almond butter … my sweet treat, I really look forward to this. 

If I told you today was easier I’d be lying. TODAY WAS HARD. 

Yesterday, I felt like I owned the world, ramped up my training and hit it hard… only to feel like I have the “flu” today. I’m flat whooped and I know that’s the result of not enough food to refuel me. (Or possibly too many episodes of SOA lastnight) maybe I have been thinking of donuts all day from “crazy hair day” I absolutely love donuts, probably my biggest weakness. 

I would kill for carbs right now, keeping them low is a struggle and I know the Fat is the fuel right now, but wow do I miss rice desperately. And a 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes is just mean!! I feel good in general, happy (until today) and I’m productive, so that’s a benefit. Now the training, that’s a different story!! I need to dial that in. Somedays I feel great, others I’m exhausted. Seeing stars when working out is not exactly awesome. 

I’m excited to regulate my blood sugar and stop me from craving sweets (because duh, I love donuts) so I’ll stop doing things like sneaking those little donut holes on a stick that we get on Friday’s or the Oreos from the kids snack cabinet that Maw Maw brings down in every flavor imaginable. 21 days seems like a long time, I have done this detox 3 times, this is my 4th not in a row…. I’m not that insane! I know the routine, I also know the struggle days, the headaches day 4-7. I typically lose a few pounds despite the fact that Im attacking the almond butter jar with a spoon every night. 

I know it’s good for the body to get the sugar out! And I know how rewarding this will be at the end. So, I get it. I’m resetting, refreshing and getting back to whole clean foods. But I’m human and it’s hard. Somedays are easier than others, but I have a great accountability group and that helps me push through the bad days. I’m sharing because I know we all have road blocks, you are not alone. 

Here are some of my meals. 

Here is a glance at yesterday’s training. 

1000 ROW/20 HRPU/20 KBS/PULL-UPS/1000 ROW

Here’s to Day 9 – keep kicking ass. IM WORTH IT!!! YOU’RE WORTH IT!!! WE CAN DO THIS. ❤️

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