Gettin’ Grippy – CrossFit Hands

New to CrossFit (YAY!! Super Excited). You are probably pumped you have your first callous and or your first hand tear. CONGRATS!! Now I am about to drop the knowledge BOMB on ya.  Tearing a second time, is failure on your part to maintain the skin on your hands.  Lesson Learned? Wrong.  Tearing a third time, well now that’s just flat-out ignorance.

Some Advice:

  1. Tighten up the kip, those big swings on the bar mean friction and more sliding around. (Not to mention the vulnerable stage you are putting your shoulders in – that can be a later post)
  2. Learn the proper grip so you do not tear.
  3. STOP!!!! Drop from the bar. Ignorance of a tear will lead to a few non-training days… What fun is that? Not to mention how awesome the shower, hand sanitizer, and soaps will be.

Don’t get me wrong you want “Man Hands” what a kid in my daughters class said to me that will forever stick with me… “Your mom sure is pretty, but she has man hands” A proud CF moment for me, I’ll take it, they are well-earned hard work. (haha) You want to have tough hands so you don’t rip, but you don’t want huge callous’ to where it hurts to grab the bar. This is where we have to get a routine with hand maintenance. I have put together my tips and tricks to what I have learned keep me from tearing.

  1. MOISTERIZE DAILY.  I use BAG BALM its amazing, if you don’t have it you sure are missing out.  Your skin will suck it up, and it will keep them smooth as babies butt, but your still tough to cycle that barbell or fly like a monkey on the rings.
  2. SHAVE…. Shave your callouses weekly.  And my next recommendation is the day before rest day.  Large callouses are dangerous if you pinch on the barbell and they rip.  I can guarantee you will not be touching a barbell for a hot minute. Don’t be scared to shave, be scared to NOT shave. TRUST ME. Press down hard and remove all that unwanted dead skin, before it removes itself.  Incase you don’t know where to find them, just wonder over to the ladies area of nail polishes in the store and you will see them hanging there, you are looking at $4.99.  
  3. CORDLESS HAND SANDER. If you don’t have one – shame on you.  Run to the store and get one. The person that made this is a magnificent human.  I use it after I shave down those callouses. It makes your hands smooth, no ridges, bumps or skin.  The best part, it’s in the same section as the razor and its $13.99.  That pretty much free for not having to nurse a wound.
  4. PUMICE STONE. You can use this awesome little guy every time you shower.  Your hands will be soft from the water and it will slough off any unwanted dead skin.s


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Grippy – CrossFit Hands

  1. Great post. You nailed all the steps to proper hand care. I would love to get you a sample of our 3 Phase Hand Care kit to try out. It includes all the tools needed to follow your instructions and get rid of the “Man Hands”.

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