WODs with your BFF (Best Fit Friend)

Workouts with your BFF, mine is Holly aka “Hulky” she totally earned that name with her amazing strength.  Hulk and I met in 2012 at Practice CrossFit as we entered into our CCC Class.  That’s it! That’s the story.  From that point on we clicked, life, hubbies, kids, CrossFit (our new found love), FOOD food and more food, laughter, competitions, whiteboard bloopers and cat-isms. Us in a nutshell Cheetah & Hulk

“When we try to exercise alone we can feel isolated and uninspired; together we can achieve our fitness goals.”

What is awesome about it? Your relationship grows as you push each other in a little friendly competition.  We both moved CrossFit gyms in 2014, but nothing changed for us. We continue to hold each other accountable everyday.

We count macros together and share numbers, we send each other scores, reps, weight, and rounds when we complete a workout.  We often do the same workouts and chase each other.  Although, Hulk is pregnant building a baby hulk “YAY!!!”  she is still utterly amazing and challenges me daily.

Find your BFF, aka gym buddy.  Push each other, push yourself, get outside your comfort zone. Things you can do together to hold you accountable during the week.

  1. SIGN UP FOR A 5k – hahahaah we love to run, said no one ever.  But it will help you lace up your shoes during the week if you know your BFF is out there logging mileage and you guys are going to do a run together.
  2. ZUMBA, SPINNING, CARDIO DANCE, BOOTCAMP – Change it up if its not in your routine.
  3. CROSSFIT – Obviously, my first choice.  Share workouts during the week and whiteboard results all while challenging each other and holding one another accountable for the weekend.  When you can get together and do a partner WOD.


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