362 Miles 

And we’re off!!! Glamping for a few days in Tennessee. I say glamping because we are in the Camper, not a tent. Looking forward to some family fun and a couple days away from the stresses of everyday life. Hiking, smores, grilled food (my favorite…. well other than tacos). I’m desperately trying to be comfortable in the truck, and not put my feet against the window…. you know those toe prints drive my husband insane. So much for trying, I left a mark!

The kids are happy in the back seat SO THANKFUL for technology and unlimited data plans. Makes 6 hours a lot easier for the little ones. I’m sure they will still get bored and we will remind them of the alphabet and license game and how we had no devices when we were little. You know all the things we hated as kids, and how we would never do that as parents. About 45 minutes into the drive, we are in a traffic jam. However; took my youngest about an hour to notice, and when she did “We are in a Daggone traffic jam!!?!” we told her the trip would take us 6-7 hours, roughly a day at school. Her response, “well is it lunchtime yet at school?” Haha.

The traveling was a success, the girls were great, one traffic jam, one restroom break, 10 toe marks on the windshield, two happy kids, a happy mom, and a driving smiling dad.

Here’s to a new memories on spring break.

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