My Masterpiece

Well, here it is.  My first official blog, other than my “about me” page.  Which I don’t really consider this my first blog.  I feel like I have been plastering, my kids, fitness, and love for food all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram for years.  Well, now I am going to blend it all together. Giving you, in a nut shell, my blended life in a blog.  I’ll talk fitness, day to day stresses, sprinkle some fitness dust, and of course share recipes of all the awesome food we love, while driving across town from one business to the other, soccer to gymnastics, and managing to do it all with a smile.  It’s impossible to not smile when these two are your masterpieces.17632094_10213047298876430_7682528819237153173_o

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