Gettin’ Grippy – CrossFit Hands

New to CrossFit (YAY!! Super Excited). You are probably pumped you have your first callous and or your first hand tear. CONGRATS!! Now I am about to drop the knowledge BOMB on ya.  Tearing a second time, is failure on your part to maintain the skin on your hands.  Lesson Learned? Wrong.  Tearing a third … Continue reading Gettin’ Grippy – CrossFit Hands

WODs with your BFF (Best Fit Friend)

Workouts with your BFF, mine is Holly aka "Hulky" she totally earned that name with her amazing strength.  Hulk and I met in 2012 at Practice CrossFit as we entered into our CCC Class.  That's it! That's the story.  From that point on we clicked, life, hubbies, kids, CrossFit (our new found love), FOOD food … Continue reading WODs with your BFF (Best Fit Friend)