Detoxing from Sugar.

Hi …. here I am… Still plugging along SUGAR-FREE over here, yup, 8 days in. Saving my green apples that I enjoy with almond butter … my sweet treat, I really look forward to this. 

If I told you today was easier I’d be lying. TODAY WAS HARD. 

Yesterday, I felt like I owned the world, ramped up my training and hit it hard… only to feel like I have the “flu” today. I’m flat whooped and I know that’s the result of not enough food to refuel me. (Or possibly too many episodes of SOA lastnight) maybe I have been thinking of donuts all day from “crazy hair day” I absolutely love donuts, probably my biggest weakness. 

I would kill for carbs right now, keeping them low is a struggle and I know the Fat is the fuel right now, but wow do I miss rice desperately. And a 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes is just mean!! I feel good in general, happy (until today) and I’m productive, so that’s a benefit. Now the training, that’s a different story!! I need to dial that in. Somedays I feel great, others I’m exhausted. Seeing stars when working out is not exactly awesome. 

I’m excited to regulate my blood sugar and stop me from craving sweets (because duh, I love donuts) so I’ll stop doing things like sneaking those little donut holes on a stick that we get on Friday’s or the Oreos from the kids snack cabinet that Maw Maw brings down in every flavor imaginable. 21 days seems like a long time, I have done this detox 3 times, this is my 4th not in a row…. I’m not that insane! I know the routine, I also know the struggle days, the headaches day 4-7. I typically lose a few pounds despite the fact that Im attacking the almond butter jar with a spoon every night. 

I know it’s good for the body to get the sugar out! And I know how rewarding this will be at the end. So, I get it. I’m resetting, refreshing and getting back to whole clean foods. But I’m human and it’s hard. Somedays are easier than others, but I have a great accountability group and that helps me push through the bad days. I’m sharing because I know we all have road blocks, you are not alone. 

Here are some of my meals. 

Here is a glance at yesterday’s training. 

1000 ROW/20 HRPU/20 KBS/PULL-UPS/1000 ROW

Here’s to Day 9 – keep kicking ass. IM WORTH IT!!! YOU’RE WORTH IT!!! WE CAN DO THIS. ❤️

Gettin’ Grippy – CrossFit Hands

New to CrossFit (YAY!! Super Excited). You are probably pumped you have your first callous and or your first hand tear. CONGRATS!! Now I am about to drop the knowledge BOMB on ya.  Tearing a second time, is failure on your part to maintain the skin on your hands.  Lesson Learned? Wrong.  Tearing a third time, well now that’s just flat-out ignorance.

Some Advice:

  1. Tighten up the kip, those big swings on the bar mean friction and more sliding around. (Not to mention the vulnerable stage you are putting your shoulders in – that can be a later post)
  2. Learn the proper grip so you do not tear.
  3. STOP!!!! Drop from the bar. Ignorance of a tear will lead to a few non-training days… What fun is that? Not to mention how awesome the shower, hand sanitizer, and soaps will be.

Don’t get me wrong you want “Man Hands” what a kid in my daughters class said to me that will forever stick with me… “Your mom sure is pretty, but she has man hands” A proud CF moment for me, I’ll take it, they are well-earned hard work. (haha) You want to have tough hands so you don’t rip, but you don’t want huge callous’ to where it hurts to grab the bar. This is where we have to get a routine with hand maintenance. I have put together my tips and tricks to what I have learned keep me from tearing.

  1. MOISTERIZE DAILY.  I use BAG BALM its amazing, if you don’t have it you sure are missing out.  Your skin will suck it up, and it will keep them smooth as babies butt, but your still tough to cycle that barbell or fly like a monkey on the rings.
  2. SHAVE…. Shave your callouses weekly.  And my next recommendation is the day before rest day.  Large callouses are dangerous if you pinch on the barbell and they rip.  I can guarantee you will not be touching a barbell for a hot minute. Don’t be scared to shave, be scared to NOT shave. TRUST ME. Press down hard and remove all that unwanted dead skin, before it removes itself.  Incase you don’t know where to find them, just wonder over to the ladies area of nail polishes in the store and you will see them hanging there, you are looking at $4.99.  
  3. CORDLESS HAND SANDER. If you don’t have one – shame on you.  Run to the store and get one. The person that made this is a magnificent human.  I use it after I shave down those callouses. It makes your hands smooth, no ridges, bumps or skin.  The best part, it’s in the same section as the razor and its $13.99.  That pretty much free for not having to nurse a wound.
  4. PUMICE STONE. You can use this awesome little guy every time you shower.  Your hands will be soft from the water and it will slough off any unwanted dead skin.s


WODs with your BFF (Best Fit Friend)

Workouts with your BFF, mine is Holly aka “Hulky” she totally earned that name with her amazing strength.  Hulk and I met in 2012 at Practice CrossFit as we entered into our CCC Class.  That’s it! That’s the story.  From that point on we clicked, life, hubbies, kids, CrossFit (our new found love), FOOD food and more food, laughter, competitions, whiteboard bloopers and cat-isms. Us in a nutshell Cheetah & Hulk

“When we try to exercise alone we can feel isolated and uninspired; together we can achieve our fitness goals.”

What is awesome about it? Your relationship grows as you push each other in a little friendly competition.  We both moved CrossFit gyms in 2014, but nothing changed for us. We continue to hold each other accountable everyday.

We count macros together and share numbers, we send each other scores, reps, weight, and rounds when we complete a workout.  We often do the same workouts and chase each other.  Although, Hulk is pregnant building a baby hulk “YAY!!!”  she is still utterly amazing and challenges me daily.

Find your BFF, aka gym buddy.  Push each other, push yourself, get outside your comfort zone. Things you can do together to hold you accountable during the week.

  1. SIGN UP FOR A 5k – hahahaah we love to run, said no one ever.  But it will help you lace up your shoes during the week if you know your BFF is out there logging mileage and you guys are going to do a run together.
  2. ZUMBA, SPINNING, CARDIO DANCE, BOOTCAMP – Change it up if its not in your routine.
  3. CROSSFIT – Obviously, my first choice.  Share workouts during the week and whiteboard results all while challenging each other and holding one another accountable for the weekend.  When you can get together and do a partner WOD.


Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins


  • 12 ​large eggs          
  • ​12 ​oz chicken, cooked and chopped 
  • ​3 ​tbsp Buffalo Wing Sauce          
  • 2 green onions, chopped         
  • 1 clove garlic, minced          
  • sea salt and black pepper, to taste          


  • Large muffin Pan (6)
  • Fork


  1. Preheat oven to 350° Lightly oil a muffin tin.
  2. ​​Mix 2 eggs, 1/2 tspn buffalo wing sauce​ (in each cup), 2 oz Chicken in each cup​, green onions, garlic, sea salt and pepper​ into muffin cups​. Mix until all ingredients​ are blended. ​                    
  3. Bake 20 minutes or until fluffy and golden brown on top.


You can store in refrigerator and heat for breakfast on the go!

Per Muffin 


205 Calories

21 DSD 

So tomorrow I start the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I typically challenge myself once a year. I don’t have a terrible diet however, I know that it’s not under control the way I think it should. I always say my bad is someone’s good, but I know I can be better.  This is always a great way to help me re-focus. To make it even better I will be joining 25-30 people from the gym.

Accountability! Accountability! Accountability!!  I cannot say that one single word enough. It’s amazing how far you can go on the buddy system. My husband is even going to join me….. for me. We took the test and we are doing Level 3. Don’t get me wrong I love my sweets, but I also know how rewarding it is to eat clean, and healthy.  I love the way you feel and the empowerment you gain from doing what seems so impossible.  Nothing is impossible with the right mindset.

Learn about sugar here IS SUGAR REALLY BAD??!

Stay tuned for updates. 

Vacation WOD 

When we arrived we scoped the place out and it just so happens there is a bike path exactly 1/2 mile loop, with benches, and walls.  The possibilities are endless. Special THANKS to an awesome notification from one of my  Bootcamp/CrossFitters I was motivated to get out of bed.  I LOVE THAT AM CREW. I love our gym!! I’m literally 362 miles away and we all keep each other motivated.

Todays WOD

2 mile bike, 1 mile run, 10 airsquats, 10 Push-ups, 10 lunges 9…8…7..-1 then finished with a 1 mile bike. Vacation WOD

362 Miles 

And we’re off!!! Glamping for a few days in Tennessee. I say glamping because we are in the Camper, not a tent. Looking forward to some family fun and a couple days away from the stresses of everyday life. Hiking, smores, grilled food (my favorite…. well other than tacos). I’m desperately trying to be comfortable in the truck, and not put my feet against the window…. you know those toe prints drive my husband insane. So much for trying, I left a mark!

The kids are happy in the back seat SO THANKFUL for technology and unlimited data plans. Makes 6 hours a lot easier for the little ones. I’m sure they will still get bored and we will remind them of the alphabet and license game and how we had no devices when we were little. You know all the things we hated as kids, and how we would never do that as parents. About 45 minutes into the drive, we are in a traffic jam. However; took my youngest about an hour to notice, and when she did “We are in a Daggone traffic jam!!?!” we told her the trip would take us 6-7 hours, roughly a day at school. Her response, “well is it lunchtime yet at school?” Haha.

The traveling was a success, the girls were great, one traffic jam, one restroom break, 10 toe marks on the windshield, two happy kids, a happy mom, and a driving smiling dad.

Here’s to a new memories on spring break.